A Journey of Prayer & Fasting

As we approach Holy Week, from March 24th to 31st, NWCC invites you to join us in a deeply spiritual journey marked by devoted prayer, fasting, and reflection on the profound significance of this sacred time. Holy Week offers a unique opportunity to deepen our faith, reconnect with our spiritual roots, and experience the transformative power of God’s love and sacrifice.

Devotion & Prayer Conference Call

March 25th – 29th

Join us each morning at 6:00 am from Monday to Friday for a special devotion and prayer conference call. During these sessions, we’ll reflect on the “Seven Last Words from the Cross,” a powerful reminder of Jesus’ final moments and teachings. Dial in to deepen your faith and connect with our community in prayer.

Dial (302) 202-1102  Access code: 761734

Fasting Instructions

March 25th – 29th
During Holy Week, we encourage you to participate in fasting as a form of spiritual discipline and reflection.

A Normal Fast

We will participate in a Normal Fast, from Monday, March 25th to Thursday, March 28th, from the time we wake until 3:00pm. Abstaining from all foods, drinking water only.

On Good Friday, March 29th, we will participate in a Normal Fast from the time we wake until after our Good Friday, Night of Worship Service.  Abstaining from all foods, drinking water only.

A Three-Day Fast

We will participate in a normal fast beginning at midnight on Monday, March 25th, ending on Thursday, March 28th at midnight. Abstaining from all foods drinking water only.  (Three day fast: Tuesday Thursday)

Good Friday, March 29th: A Night of Worship

Good Friday marks a pivotal moment in our faith — the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This day, we gather for a Night of Worship from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the NWCC sanctuary, commemorating His ultimate sacrifice for our salvation. It’s a time to ask ourselves, “Who will you tell?” as we acknowledge the gift of salvation.

Resurrection Sunday, March 31st: Thanksgiving and Praise

Our Holy Week culminates with Resurrection Sunday, a joyous celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and victory over death. We begin with corporate prayer at 9:40 am, followed by worship and the Word at 10:00 am. It’s a day filled with thanksgiving and praise, acknowledging the hope and renewal that Christ’s resurrection brings to our lives.


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