The Study and Art of Dating and Marrying

Have you ever heard the term “preventive medicine”? Pastor Keith Graham’s latest book, Dateology, is exactly that!

One of the best books you will ever buy. It will open your eyes and change your life for the better!

About The Book

Filled with a whole list of “prescriptions” to follow, Dateology will keep you from engaging in toxic relationships, keep your physical body from unwanted diseases, and your soul from never-ending soul ties with multiple people.

  • If you are single and waiting…
  • If you are engaged and waiting…
  • If you’re a parent of teenagers who are seeking answers…

Dateology is the book for you.

You will want to follow these practical and invaluable prescriptions. Complete each one as prescribed and you are guaranteed to have an intact heart; purified body; and uncompromised soul that will allow you to enter into the relationship designed just for you.

“I highly recommend this awesome book! Whether you’re single, single again, or parenting teenagers who are entering the dating stage, this book is for you! Keith Graham uses the Bible to clearly explain key principles for dating and marrying the right person. I have been able to use insights offered in this book to share with my children and mentees as they navigate dating as teenagers. I was also able to apply the principles in my own life as I prepared to get married again after divorce.”

DATEOLOGY: The Study and Art of Dating and Marrying

“This book contains invaluable information for adults and teenagers alike! Get your copy — and get some extra copies to share with others in your life may need help dating and marry according to God’s word!”