Get Connected

We have a passion for the mission of Christ to transform lives and solve life’s problems through the gospel.  We’re asking you to also embrace our passion for Christ’s mission by becoming a Body Builder.  Body Builders live by the following principles for membership:  pursuing, connecting, serving, giving, and inviting so we can unite as one to enable us to accomplish our mission through the power of one:

A.  Pursuer (Discipleship):  “You pursue intimacy with God through an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ.”
We ask our members to attend our Christian Education classes, so they can grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

B.  Connector (Partnership): “You connect relationally with the members of our church family in fellowships.”
We ask our members to participate in our fellowships to express our faith in Christ through our love for one another.

(St. John 13:34)

C.  Server (Workmanship): “You use your S.H.A.P.E. (Skills, Heart, Anointed, Positive, Excellence) to serve in ministry.”
We ask our members to use their skills and gifts, to enable us to do the work of ministry with a high performance in the spirit of excellence.  (I Peter 4:10)

D.  Giver (Stewardship): “You give to honor God and support the financial needs of our church family.”
We ask our members to build the prosperity of our church by progressively giving until they are fully sharing their tithes, offerings, and first fruits, so they can help support the financial needs of our church family.

E.  Inviter (Evangelism): “You use your influence to invite the world to follow Christ.” 
We ask our members to use their influence to invite the world to follow Jesus Christ, so they can help us increase the kingdom of God and church membership.  Can you imagine a church where all of its members are Body Builders?  It would be an awesome experience!  We encourage all of our Covenant Members to unite with us relationally, so you will grow with us spiritually through becoming a Body Builder.