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A Message from Pastor Keith


Biblical Worldview

 Greetings Family and Friends,


The most important thing you need to know is your worldview. Your present life and your life after death depends upon it. Your worldview covers: (1) your origin, (2) your purpose, (3) your morality, and (4) your life after death.


Your worldview is important because it governs your behavior and how you make decisions, which becomes the consequences of your life.


Do you know your worldview? How do you know you have the right worldview? In today’s culture, there is a major conflict between two major world-views: humanism and creationism. Which worldview do you believe?


Humanist views life from a human viewpoint. Humanist believes the following: (1) origin of mankind evolved by natural processes, (2) truth and morality is subjective, and (3) your purpose on earth is to be happy now because there is no afterlife.


With that type of worldview, you can see why people in our culture live the way they live. You answer to yourself. You can choose your truths and identity. There is no creator; therefore, you’re not accountable to anyone after death.


Creationist believes God created life. Christ followers have creationism worldview. Christ followers believe the following: (1) their origin comes from God, (2) their purpose is to glorify God, (3) there is absolute truth and morality, and (4) there is an afterlife that is accountable to God.


American culture currently has turned to a humanistic worldview over biblical worldview. We can see the drastic changes in the morality of our culture over the last 20 years. Homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle and same-sex marriage is now legal.


Science and psychology rule the thought processes of the American culture.


Christ followers must get in the conflict. The absence of our boldness to share our witness has left a void of God’s presence in the culture. We must share our witness and our faith to change the American culture back to a biblical worldview one person at a time (see Matthew 28:18-20).


Are you with me or am I by myself?


Christ Strong,

Pastor Keith Graham


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