NWCC April Bulletins

Message from PK

by Pastor Keith Graham

The most important thing you need to know is your worldview. Your present life and your life after death depends upon it. Your worldview covers: (1) your origin, (2) your purpose, (3) your morality, and (4) your life after death.

Common-UNITY in the Study of God’s Word

by TK Floyd-Foutz

The Bible is a great source of instruction, insight, and information for our lives . God created us for relationship, so studying God’s Word together offers an opportunity to strengthen our community.

The Elders ECHO

by Elder Derrick Varner

As we prepare for the spring season, naturally, one of the chores for some is to clean, get rid of clutter, and reorganize. Some even plan large sales to get rid of stuff we don’t plan to use any longer.


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