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Overcoming Anger

20 September 2020

We’re still in our series entitled the “Seven Deadly Sins.” The Seven Deadly Sins are those sins which are fatal to our spiritual growth in Christ and our relationships with each other. This morning, we will discuss Overcoming Anger.

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Overcoming the Sin of Gluttony 

06 Sept 2020

Message: Overcoming the Sin of Gluttony

We’re still in our series entitled the “Seven Deadly Sins.” The seven deadly sins are those sins which are fatal to our spiritual growth in Christ and our relationships with each other.  This morning, we’ll continue our discussion Overcoming the Sin of Gluttony.

Series: Come Holy Spirit Part 4

14 June 2020

Message: Spirit of Truth

Last week, we discussed “Baptism of the Holy Spirit.”  This week, our lesson covers the Spirit of Truth.  This lesson covers the importance of truth, its reality, and absoluteness.

Series: Come Holy Spirit Part 3

7 June 2020

Message: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Is there a difference between being Born of the Holy Spirit and Baptism of the Holy Spirit? This lesson covers this debatable doctrine in the church today. 

Series: Come Holy Spirit Part 2

31 May 2020

Message:  Born of the Holy Spirit

Last week, we discussed “Who is the Holy Spirit?”  This week, we will discuss “Born of the Holy Spirit”.  We’ll discuss how to receive the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Series: Come Holy Spirit Part 1

24 May 2020

Message:  Who is the Holy Spirit?

This series will introduce the Holy Spirit to some and reintroduce Him to others, so you can cultivate a relationship with Him because you NEED the Holy Spirit to walk with Christ (see Acts 1:8).   

Ask PK

17 May 2020

    In this special Sunday message, Pastor Keith answers your questions.


      Corona Series – Living Holy

      3 May 2020

        In this message we ask & discuss:

        “Can you live holy and be part of our progressive culture?”


          Christ Strong – Do Not Fear!

          26 April 2020

          We’re living in fearful times, but we don’t have to live in fear!

          • Fear – you see a negative outcome
          • Faith – you see the end of the outcome
          • Focus your meditation on what you see

            Christ Strong

            19 April 2020

            The purpose of this message is to encourage you during this time of quarantine to be content

              Christ over Sin – The Purpose of the Cross – Part 1

              29 March 2020

              People are going to the doctor to see if they “test positive” for Corona. This is the natural and responsible thing to di. But God is also using Corona spiritually to see if we “test positive” for faith in Him (see I Peter 1:7).

                Christ over Corona Crisis

                22 March 2020

                This message reminds us why we are in crisis and how we can overcome each crisis in Christ. I know to you this sounds like our normal church rhetoric, “Christ over Corona”, but you’re going to really be blessed by the revelation of God’s Word contained in this message an how it applies to what we are going through today!

                The Cross – Christ over Crisis

                15 March 2020

                This series explores Jesus Christ’s cross walk to His death and resurrection.  We’re going to renew our understanding of Christ’s cross, the purpose of His resurrection, and our privilege to call ourselves Christ-followers.


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