Pastoral Ministry

NWCC Family Zone Ministry

The NWCC Family Zone Ministry provides unity and fellowship within the church body.  Zone Elders handle Pastoral duties on behalf of the Pastor which include tending to, mending and the nurturing of the mental and physical needs of the members of the church.  The Zone Elder serves on the Elder’s Council and should understand that it’s a privilege and not a right.  Zone Elders are expected to set and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and ministry excellence as the first line of Pastoral support between the Pastor and members.  Therefore, do the work of Zone Elder as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23).

Purpose Statement: The purpose of this ministry is to promote unity and fellowship within the NWCC Family through the development of strong relationships.

General Purpose: The Zone Elder will directly assist the Pastor in assimilating and integrating families to the church and its ministries through establishing strong relationships. The Family Zone Ministry gives our Pastor and members the flexibility to do just that by distributing family care responsibilities (such as home visits, telephone contacts, personal prayer needs, baby dedications, Baptisms, weddings etc.) to assigned Zone Elders.

NWCC members are assigned to a zone based on their where they live (i.e. zip code); following is the NWCC Zone Map used to assign and connect members to Zone Elders.