Our Worship Style – Our style is predominately vertical corporate worship. Our songs and music are primarily contemporary that encourages everyone to participate in worshipping God along with our worship team. Our style of worship freely allows the demonstrative and the less demonstrative to worship God together in harmony.


Our Message DeliveryStrong emphasis on teaching and not preaching from the Bible to provide a clear interpretation of the Scriptures to know God, and make it understandable in a relevant way so you can apply the message to your life to prosper in whatsoever you do. Our messages on Sunday makes the difference in your life on Monday.


Our Dress – There is no emphasis on a particular way of dressing; people at NOW WORD generally dress casual but you’re welcome to dress up if that is your tradition.


Our Christian Education – We encourage our members to attend our Sunday morning “Power 45” spiritual education classes.  We also encourage our members to attend Wednesday night “Hour of Power” focused on empowerment classes that cover practical living and group fellowships.


Our Titles – “Recognized” titles are Pastors, Associate Pastors, and Elders who oversee our Pastoral Ministry and Lay Leadership that have specific leadership titles according to the ministries they oversee.


Our Timeliness – Timeliness emphasized in all services; we do not believe in “stopping the flow of the Spirit” but we do generally operate according to a time standard of less than 90 minutes.


Our Giving – We teach generosity. Giving should be done from a generous heart, not out of an obligation but in response to God giving us His only Son for our salvation.


About Our Youth Ministry – We offer a full service youth ministry (Pre-K through High School)


Benefits of Membership – You will learn your purpose to live for, have a Pastoral covering to live under, people of the same faith to live with, learn the principles of success to live by, receive power by the Spirit to live on, use your profession to serve with us, and have the corporate presence of God’s Spirit to worship in.  All of that while having fun and excitement!!!!