Seven Disciplines for your Children

Seven Disciplines for your Children


Marriage Keepers use the following seven disciplines to instruct their children in order to mature them to become godly adults:


Discipline #1 – Authority: Instruct your children to obey all authorities.  All authorities are established by God therefore your children should obey their parents and civil authorities (Ephesians 6:1-4, Romans 13:1).


Application: Here is an order of correction you can use to teach your children when they disobey authority:


First, discipline your child with talking (correction)

Secondly, discipline your child with taking (privileges)

Thirdly, discipline your child with touching (spanking)

Lastly, discipline your child by turning them over (consequences)


The father should be the primary disciplinarian and the mother secondary.  You never discipline your children in uncontrollable anger. Some refrain from touching their children with spanking.  It’s your decision, but when your child is disobedient, you must teach them there will be consequences for their disobedience or they will begin to believe they can disobey you without consequences.


Also, teach your children to obey civil authorities in order to be protected from those who do evil or be punished if they do wrong and break the law (Romans 12:5-11).  Once a child understands the purpose of authority and how it covers their life, they will become teachable to follow your instructions as parents, and be respectful to those who hold authority in our community. A child who honors and obeys authority will easily follow the next six disciplines.


Discipline #2 – Purpose: Instruct your children in God’s purpose for their life (Proverbs 22:6).


Application: Parents should ask God about His purpose for their child. Then they should guide their children in the direction of that path. God’s purposes are always connected to making a contribution that will serve others in a positive way that leaves a legacy of their faith in God.  Here is a motto for them to live by: “I will serve others to leave a legacy of my faith in God that I left this world better than I found it.”


Discipline #3 – Character: Instruct your children to be a character driven person (faith, love, integrity, loyalty, and truthfulness) before performance.


Application: Teach your children to value character before performance. We live in a performance driven society. Your public success excuses your private failures. Explain to your children success in their private life is just as important as the success in their public life. Remind your children their gifts and talents may get them in the door, but their character will keep them there (Psalm 25:21, Proverbs 10:9, 11:3).


Discipline #4 – Worldview: Instruct your children to live by a biblical worldview verses a humanistic worldview when making decisions about their lifestyle and purpose in life.


Application: Teach your children from the Scriptures how to receive Christ, to faithfully serve Him, and to live morally like Him in order to keep the spiritual legacy of Christ in your family from generation to generation (Joshua 24:15).


Discipline: #5 – Accountability: Instruct your children to be accountable for their actions in order to receive more responsibility.


Application: Teach your children a sign of maturity is when they become accountable for their actions. A person who is accountable for their actions will receive more responsibility.  A child who is not accountable for their actions is not ready for more responsibility and lose what they have in life (Luke 16:10-12).


Discipline #6 – Decisions:  Instruct your children to seek counsel from older individuals (Grandparents, Parents, Mentors, and etc.) to help them make wise decisions concerning life, relationships or vocation decisions. When there is no one to help them, seek God in prayer so they can make the right decisions to go in the right direction in their life (Proverbs 3:5-6).


Application: Teach your children that the choices they make become the end results and/or consequences they will live. Therefore, they should learn how to acknowledge God through prayer before making decisions and receive directions in order for them to be prosperous and successful in whatever they plan to do according to God’s purpose for their life (Joshua 1:8).


Discipline #7 – Education: Instruct your children to excel in their academics (Proverbs 22:29).


Application: Teach your children the value of education and doing their best every time. To develop their skills in order to excel in whatever they do.  Drill into their minds that ignorance leads to poverty and education, with hard work, leads to provision for yourself and prosperity to make a contribution to help others.