Body Builders

Here are five ways we encourage our members to stay connected with us so they can help build our church family to reach the world for Christ:

Growing (Discipleship) – You faithfully attend our worship services and Christian education classes, so you can stay connected by learning and growing spiritually to become like Christ with our church family.

Belonging (Fellowship) – You participate in our designated fellowships, so you can stay connected in building meaningful relationships with our church family.

Serving (Workmanship) – You use your talents and skills, so you can stay connected with serving in ministry to help with the works of our church family.

Giving (Stewardship) – You give a percentage from the first portion of your income, so you can stay connected with supporting the prosperity plan of our church family.

Inviting (Membership) – You inspire the world by sharing the gospel, so you can stay connected with our mission to increase followers of Christ in our church family.